Okta SCIM Client


This is a basic example to get started configuring Okta as a SCIM client and establish a connection between FusionAuth and Okta for provisioning purposes.

For complete documentation, please refer to the Okta provisioning documentation.

To configure the integration, in your Okta Dashboard, find your Application configured for provisioning and click on the Provisioning tab of the Application configuration.

Select Integration from the left Settings navigation menu, and find the required configuration fields.

Okta SCIM Provisioning Integration
Enable API integration

Check this box to enable the following two fields.

SCIM 2.0 Base Url

Set this value equal to the FusionAuth SCIM tenant URL found in the Tenant view dialog.

For example, if the base URL for FusionAuth is https://piedpiper.com, your SCIM URL will be https://piedpiper.com/api/scim/resource/v2

OAuth Bearer Token

This value will be set using the access token generated using the client credentials grant for the SCIM client entity and the SCIM server entity. Learn more about getting the access token.